How to Bet the Derby

Derby Betting Practice

Read this article and learn how to bet the derby. First, make a decision on how much you want to bet and the amount of money that you want to win. Also, betting takes some experience before you can really start winning. However, finish this article and you will know a lot more about how to bet the derby. You can practice real Derby Betting on mobile and desktop for free. DerbyJackpot’s practice mode is the only practice betting website available. It simulates the exact payouts on live horse races as if you were betting real money. Practice Derby Betting is a great way to get comfortable with the types of Derby Bets and their expected payouts.


The Derby Bet Decision

Do you care about winning $10, or $750, or are you only interested in winning $1.2 million with an $18 bet? You can place thousands of different Derby Bets. Take more risk and earn a bigger payoff.  There are two ways to take more risk. First, you can bet a high variance bet like the Superfecta. We will explain higher variance bets later in this article. Also, you can bet more money to take more risk.

Derby Betting is Mostly Efficient

The Derby betting pools are mostly efficient. People and computers bet from all over the world and the “wisdom of the crowd” assigns the correct payouts to the right derby horses. Therefore, your payouts are proportionate to the amount of risk that you take.

Learn how to bet the Derby Horses and what they will pay here.

No Magic Derby Betting Formula

Another thing to note is that there is no magic formula. Your Uncle Wally who knows all the Derby Horses is probably no better than an average player. They don’t have any special tricks. They might know a few important Derby Bets to avoid, which is important if you want to win on Derby Day.

Bet Types

Earlier, we mentioned higher and lower variance bets. A bet with higher variance has higher risk. A Superfecta is a high-risk, high variance bet, and the bet can payout over $10,000.00 for only a $1.00 wager. A Show Bet has the lowest variance and is the least risky. Here are all the bet types in order of lowest risk lowest payout to highest risk and highest payout.

-Show Bet wins when you horse finishes in first second or third place. 
-Place bet wins when your horse finishes in 1st or second place.
-Win Bet wins when your horse finishes in first place. 
how to bet the derby

Win Place Show Bets

-Exacta Bet wins when you pick the first two horses in the exact order. 
-Trifecta Bet wins when you pick the first, second, and third horse in the exact order.
-Superfecta Bet wins when you pick the first, second, third, and fourth horse in the exact order.

 What is an exotic bet?

You just learned the core 6 bet types. Exotic bets are the higher risk bets like the Exacta, Trifecta, and Superfecta. You can use features to make them more complicated. Wheel and Box are the two ways to modify the exotic bet types.