Biggest Kentucky Derby Payout of All Time


The Kentucky Derby is an annual horse race event in the united states of America. Each year, a tens of thousands of bettors wager money on all types of bets in the Kentucky Derby horse race. Kentucky Derby betting is a legal and easy platform for winning money. You can learn more about the types of bets to make and (what bets to avoid).

2018 Kentucky Derby payout of $1.2 million

On Saturday, May 5, 2018, Margaret Raid won the biggest payout on the Kentucky Derby in Austin, Texas. Her payout totaled $1.2 million from her $18 pick-five wager. She predicted correctly the winner of 5 races which are Funny Duck, Yoshida, Limousine Liberal, Justify and Maraud.

2018 Kentucky Derby was the first time a massive amount like $1.2 million was won with such a small wager at Retama Park. In the past, huge winners always wagered a lot of money to win a massive amount of money. For example, Daniel Borislow, a Thoroughbred owner, wagered $7,603.20 at Gulfstream Park to win $6,678,939.23 in 2014.

The Austin woman set a record and became a new millionaire after she bet $18 in a sequence of Kentucky Derby day race ran by each horseling at Churchill down race track on a muddy, rainy day in Kentucky, Louisville, and some other miles away to win her $1.2 million payouts.

Pick 5 Winning Horses

She predicted the winners of five total races including the main event, the Kentucky Derby. She picked the 6 year-old gelding Limousine to win the eighth. Next she picked Maraud to win the ninth race for the American turf stakes. Following that race, she picked the Funny Duck at 39-1 odds to win the 10th. In the fourth leg, She picked 9 – 1 longshot Yoshida, which was the eleventh race. Finally, she selected Justify at 3 – 1 odds to win the one hundred and fourth Kentucky Derby.

Funny enough, her $18.00 bet paid as much as Justify’s purse for winning the Kentucky Derby, a total win of $1.2 million.

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