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"Since 1990, Derby has provided data collection and decision support solutions to many world-class electronics manufacturers, enabling them to make better decisions faster on the shop floor and across the global manufacturing supply chain"




Vitrox 810 AXI Link added to Derby's extensive list of commercial ATE links.

GE Oil & Gas - Roll out a shop floor wide data collection and analysis solution based on Derby Shop Floor Connect & Shop Floor Insight.

Derby doubles its Cloud-Computing Business and out-performs the Software-as-a-Service market which is growing at an estimated CAGR of 28%.

SFI 4.4 Released -  Highlights  include support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and new features making it easy for global users to distribute and share information.

Derby closes major SaaS deal with a Fortune 100 company that will enable them to streamine global data collection and improve engineering decision support. 

GE Energy - selects Derby's Web-PBQ solution to address their incircuit test data collection and analysis needs.

Derby Continues to Expand Data Center Capability  Derby has increased it business continuity capability by selecting Viawest as its second colocation provider.

New Data Collection Server  - Derby releases DCServer 3.7 a major release that adds web-based data monitoring, which improves remote system administration.

Bose Upgrades to Shop Floor Connect to expand the performance and capability of its global data collection infrastructure.  

Philips Consumer Lifestyle selects Derby Web-PBQ solution to address their test workcell data collection and analysis needs.

Hamilton Upgrades to Shop Floor Connect which has enabled them to streamline their cloud-based decision support solution that is based on Derby software.

Honeywell's Global Data Management Solution, which is based on Derby software, has been successfully expanded to cover 6 sites across 16 time zones.

Teradyne News  - Derby approved as a certified member of the 2011 Teradyne Support Network (TSN) program as a Participating Vendor (member since 2002).

Quick Repair Lite  - Derby introduces an affordable graphical repair solution for the Agilent 3070 that links to Web-PBQ for a complete quality solution.

Test Utilization Report Suite  - Derby launches the TRUE Report Suite that focus on  improving overall test equipment  effectiveness.

Web-PBQ 4.0 Launch  - Derby announces Web-PBQ 4.0 with a NEW report suite that focuses on Test Resource Utilization & Efficiency.

Alstom Transport  selects Derby's Shop Floor Connect & Insight to address their test data collection and analysis needs.

Derby/Agilent Web-PBQ Press Release confirms Derby's continuance as Agilent’s preferred supplier of automated data collection and quality management.

Derby and Agilent Collaborate  to launch Web-PBQ a NEW tester-baser quality tool called  for the Medalist i3070 incircuit tester and TS-5400 functional tester.

Derby Opens New Data Center  Derby selects FRII, Northern Colorado's leading Internet Service Provide, as its colocation provider.

Honeywell Upgrades to ReX on Linux and extends the deployment of this advanced rework solution at its manufacturing site in Juarez, Mexico.

Takaya Flying Probe Link added to Derby's extensive list of commercial ATE links.

Logic PD selects Derby On-Demand and successfully rolls out a global data management solution in less than 12 weeks!

Derby releases ReX on Linux, its Leading Rework and Board Visualization Solution, enabling the application to be Virtualized and run in MS/Windows.

New TRI Link released to support TRI's family of incircuit testers (TR5000, TR8000 and TR8100 series).

New Shop Floor Monitor module, with SPC Charts & Alarms and web-dashboard added to Shop Floor Insight version 3.0

Woodward Governor selects Derby's Web-Quality On-Demand Solution to address its shop floor quality needs.








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